House Rewiring Experts!

We know that you take great pride in the home you have here in Huntington Beach. We know that because we are a part of the community. Being a part of the community we know that sometimes the homes here in Huntington Beach are older and have older wiring including knob and tube, aluminum or cloth wrapped Romex wiring. That can be dangerous and that’s why you should call the house rewire job experts at My Huntington Beach Electrician Her.

How Do I Know?

Well, for starters, do you have to use adapters to plug in appliances with a three-pronged plug? That means that the sockets inside your home are old and not grounded. That can cause a greater risk for electrical shock. Other than that, just call us and tell us when your house was built and we can probably make a good guess.

What’s So Risky?

The problem with the older wiring, and why residents need residential rewiring in Huntinton Beach, CA, is that the older technology was not meant to power modern appliances, tools and equipment. The wiring was fine for its time, but when you overload it with the current demand, then it can be a fire hazard. That could mean a fire starts inside the walls of your Huntington Beach home and before you even smell the smoke, the house is lost.

How Do You Do a House Rewire?

Well, you can relax. First, we do not have to come in and tear down the walls and shut off the power. We have techniques that let us get behind the walls to remove the wiring and replace it with new wiring and we can work by going room-to-room. This means that we don’t need to leave the house in the dark.

What’s Now?

First, you need to call us and tell us you need home rewiring. We’ll provide a free estimate because the costs can vary depending on the size of your Huntington Beach home. If you like the estimate, we get to work.

We guarantee our work and provide honest, friendly and knowledgeable service from the only licensed electrician in Huntington Beach, CA!